How to write anita in hindi

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Literary agents in India

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Anita Desai

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The famous characters of Swami and other natives of Malgudi are still famous. Even a television serial called, Anita Desai. She is a great novelist for her philosophical writings and her depth. - Anita likes Cats. Notice how we use the plural हैं hain here, this is because when using पसंद pasand the verb agrees with the object of the sentence and not the subject.

In this case the object is 'cats’ so we use the plural हैं hain. ( - ) Easy Hindi Typing - Type in Hindi - English to Hindi Translation. All Right Reserved. All Right Reserved. This website uses cookies to ensure you.

Hi Nithya, I did come across Divya Dubey’s name through one of the articles she had written about Literary Agents in India. But her blog has only been recently launched (less than a month old), so I’ve not included it on the main list yet. Nov 26,  · for more video.

In this we learn hindi letter त्र (tra). Anita K. - Hindi tutor for Expatriates; NRI's - in Bandra West, Mumbai for Hindi Language and Spoken English. Anita K. profile - I am a Hindi tutor teaching spoken Hindi to expatriates; NRI's.

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I reside in Bandra - West.

How to write anita in hindi
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