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They are more clearly found in Sindh and to some extent in the Punjab. Pakistan is an agricultural country with a developing industry sector. Major industries include metalworking, machine building, chemical, and petrochemical, food. National.

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Ministry of Environment (Pakistan) · Pakistan Environmental Protection Agency · Dhodial Pheasantry · Zoological Survey Department of Pakistan · Sindh Wildlife Department · Punjab Wildlife Department · Khyber Pakhtukhwa Wildlife Department · Baluchistan Wildlife Department · Gilgit Baltistan Wildlife Department · Himalayan Wildlife Foundation · National Institute of.

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INTRODUCTION PAKISTAN RAILWAYS Pakistan Railways is the state-owned railway company of is a large organization under the administration of the Pakistani Government's Ministry of abrasiverock.coman Railways provides an important mode of transportation in the farthest corners of the country and brings them closer for business, sightseeing, pilgrimage and education.

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KARACHI: Remittances play a crucial role in Pakistan’s economy, providing a much-needed inflow of dollars to boost foreign exchange reserves. But have you ever wondered Pakistan’s top sources.

Research paper pakistan
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Pakistan ranks 43rd in scientific research publication - Newspaper -